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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Got a late start (6:15), but did a full gate-Portage Meadows circuit anyway. It's a slightly edgy morning, crystal clear, chilly (30) and windy. The wind bites just a little more than what has passed for "usual" this past month.

I heard part of a speech yesterday by Jim Hightower, a Texas liberal radio man, and most of what I took away from it were two pretty good lines.

One was an ominous-sounding question for the fundamentalists: Did you know that if you take the word 'Presbyterian' and move the letters around, it spells 'Britney Spear'?

The other was the definition of "mixed emotions": When your 16-year-old daughter comes home from the prom with a Gideon Bible under her arm.

Anyway, I felt pretty good and capped off a decent start to the new year.

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