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Friday, February 03, 2006

Back to the flats

Felt good, and there's a "close" sky, meaning that the lights from town light up the clouds, which in turn lights up the Flats well enough to see there before dawn. So, that's where I went, like a thief in the night, through my secret route that puts me onto the flats within about a mile of home. It was very nice and quiet. I saw a couple of rabbits, or at least I assume that's what they were, scampering off in front of me. Otherwise, it was uneventful.

There's been a washout from one of the roadcuts that would be interesting to look at in daylight. I couldn't see it well, but it was nice, soft sand and rather large, like a lava flow.

The temperature is right around freezing, and it spit snow a little out at the south end (a mile and a half or so south of town).

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