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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Balmy February

January was the second warmest on record in Great Falls, and February is off to a similar start. Today, it was 52 degrees (and windy of course — it's always windy here when it's that warm in the winter). I worked early (wrote at home; then a couple of hours at the office), and ran in late morning from the gym.

I used to do that every day, during the noon hour, before I got in the habit of running early in the morning. As a result, I'm familiar with all the neighborhoods of Lower and Upper River Roads. I don't remember the last time I did this route, what I used to call the south dunes route, but I know I ran it the day President Bush came to GF, almost a year ago to the day (the day after State of the Union 2005). That's because I stood on one of the little hilltops and watched, with another guy who lived nearby, Air Force One lumber in from the northeast.

Anyway, surprisingly little has changed in that area. Probably the biggest change is that someone's bladed the east half of a little bluff out overlooking the horse farms. It used to be a chopped up mess of scrap wood, dirt piles and weeds, with a little auto junk yard in the middle. Now it's a big flat area with a little auto junk yard in the middle. I used to see deer out there fairly regularly. Nothing today. No horses, either.

Anyway, the route I took I used to call 5-1/2, but now, based on runs in my "new" neighborhood, I believe it's shorter than that. Still, I'll call it

5; 27; 16; 123-1/2
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