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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bright star

I'm no astronomer, but what I believe to be Venus is spectacular in the hour or so before dawn right now. At first I thought it was a plane coming in with its headlights on, but it didn't move, and in fact it's still visible even as the sky lightens.

It was about the only light today on a very nice water tower run. I met another runner out on 12th Ave S, but otherwise even the traffic was light, which surprised me, considering that I was later than usual today.

Also surprising was how strong I felt running. Some mornings I just kind of stagger, quickly, but today I actually ran. Still slow, but getting better. Could I be losing weight? I'll have to check next time at the gym.

I considered the flats route, but decided it was late enough that I might conflict with gravel-pit traffic. Tomorrow, maybe, with a headlamp.

5; 16; 5; 112-1/2
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