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Friday, February 10, 2006

Cold, I think

Odd ... the Weather Service's Web sites are down, and the radio doesn't have the temp either. I think it's in the teens, and I'll check it in my car in a while. If it's much different, I'll come back to this from the office and update. Meanwhile, it was chilly this morning, especially by the recent standard of 30s and 40s. It was exacerbated by a westerly breeze that was downright cutting.

After yesterday's aborted effort, I went a little long today to make up.

I repeated the earlier-in-the-week trot to GFH, by way of 7th Ave S and returning on Central. This time the lovely Miss C and two of three daughters already were up, so I had a drink there before returning. Today's traffic was mostly paper deliverers, plus one walker. Otherwise it was quiet out.

Also, the moon is approaching full again, and it lit the world. If it doesn't warm up to being sloppy (there's still a skiff of snow), I'll go back to the flats for a moonlight run or two in the next three or four days.

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