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Friday, March 03, 2006

Busy morning

We split the difference in weather today, with the breeze still unusually out of the east, but the temperature all the way up to 19. It's apparently the calm before the storm, because we have 4-6 inches of snow predicted to fall from late tonight until tomorrow afternoon. None has fallen yet, however.

I said it was a busy morning, because, although I got an earlier (5:30) start, I met one walker and three separate runners, plus a lot of cars. That's a week's worth of traffic in one morning. I went to GFH and back, via 7th to and Central from.

I wore a fleece hat today (the knit one let too much breeze through yesterday), and it didn't breathe well enough. Next will be a fleece jacket with a hood. We'll get this right just in time for spring.

I got a drink at my friend's house, said good morning to them, and felt good virtually all the way. Tiny bit of lung congestion notwithstanding, this has actually been a good week of running so far.

6-1/2; 22-1/2; 17; 230-1/2
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