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Monday, March 27, 2006

Daylight run

I was a tiny bit later than usual today, with the result that the ever-earlier sun rose as I began. My shadow stretched more than a full city block as I headed for the flats. The ground will be un-runnable out there by this afternoon, but this morning it's still frozen and good for running. The sun will be rising later again, starting next Sunday, I believe, as we return to Daylight-saving time. Lunacy. Or Solarcy.

I've finished the Hemingway stories, including some rambling, drunken-sounding letters and a few speeches, in addition to one reading. The Old Man and the Sea is truly a great story. It occurred to me that it's Papa's rendering of Moby Dick. Anyway, now I must go to the library again and see if they have any more books of interest. If not, I'll have to join an audio-book service.

It's a very nice day — calm, 29 degrees and sunny. It'll make the 50s this afternoon.

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