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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Radio run

Got a nice early start and did a reverse base-gate-Portage-Meadows run. Even so, starting at 5:20, the sky already was getting light.

There was little traffic, and it's warming and calm — 38 degrees, I think. I started reading Bernard Cornwell's Civil War series about Nathaniel Starbuck last night. Pretty good start. As for my audio reading, I had to fall back to the radio today because I finished the Hemingway readings yesterday. I'll try to get to the library today (I forgot yesterday) to find something else.

In the new park west of the Meadows, I saw a guy with his two border collie-like dogs, the same two that rushed me one morning in the dark, probably in December or so. At least he had them on leashes today. Otherwise no other pedestrians/runners.

5-1/2; 10-1/2; 119; 342-1/2
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