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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spectacular morning

After one of the best nights of sleep in memory, I split the difference on a flats run. I went to the first cattle guard on the north end of the gravel-pit moonscape on the south end of the f lats.

The moon's still almost full, and unlike yesterday, it was crystal clear out. The sky already was lightening at 5:30, and was plenty light enough — a surreal blazing orange about half an hour before sunrise — to find my way back to the trail cross country.

Twice now in that dusky light, though, I've run right up to a barbed-wire fence, stopping just as I was about to smack into it. It strings across my path in a place that's lower than I always seem to expect it. Gonna have to get more alert, or I'm going to maim myself on it some day.

There's an early flight, probably a FedEx plane, that comes in most mornings about that time, and it fools me each time. It seems to be a twin to the blazing Venus in the southeast, getting brighter and brighter until it turns into a plane and passes right over my head.

The temp ranged from 21 to 25, and the light breeze seemed to be in my face going both ways, which probably means there wasn't much of a breeze at all. Saw lots of fresh deer tracks, but no deer. Did see a couple of rabbits.

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