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Monday, April 03, 2006

Back in the dark

Worked both days over the weekend, but did manage to get up to Lincoln overnight. It snowed several inches up there, wet and heavy so that it stuck to everything but the road. Pretty.

Having skipped running over the weekend, I stretched out a bit today, going to the end of the pavement near the river, with a detour to the base gate on the way. It was a "tweener" as far as the time was concerned, leaving the house about 5:30. Because of the change to daylight time, it was dark with just a tiny hint of lightening in the east. A beautiful morning, about 40 with a hint of a breeze out of the west. It was light by the time I returned, but far from sunrise (which will be about 7:15, I think).

There's an older fellow who rides his bike out that far road, apparently every morning. No lights, and he startles the hell out of me every time. Once in the dark during the winter, we almost collided.

Otherwise saw no one else.

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