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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fog, drizzle and shoes

Misty and foggy out, about 42 degrees. Went on the tower route, a little later than even the usual usual. Still not much traffic except on 10th.

Roads are damp, but not really wet, but the ground's too wet for the flats. I splashed through some puddles in order to wash the caked stuff from the flats yesterday off my shoes.

I started Theodore Rex, the second part of a biography of Teddy Roosevelt. This one starts as he becomes president, with the assassination of McKinley. Harry Chase is the reader and it seems pretty good.

Speaking of shoes, mine seem to be holding up OK. I have some kind of mid-grade Nikes that I picked up last summer locally, and they're OK — stable, but not very cushiony. I had to trim some awkward folds off the lower tongue area because they were causing blisters. Since then, they've been OK, but they're hot and flat. My favorites are a pair of Brooks Cascadias ... bright yellow (kind of obnoxious), but an excellent trail shoe. Not quite as stable as the Nikes, though. When I bought those (about a year ago), I also got a pair of New Balance Off Roads, and I liked them a lot. However, the uppers blew out completely (bunions just ripped) within a couple hundred miles. Go figure ... I'd been in NBs for years prior to that, but maybe nevermore. I think the Brookses are the champs for now.


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