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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh what a beautiful ...

There's nothing as refreshing as a springtime sunrise: a touch of frost, birds singing, pheasants crowing, whitetails dashing across a green field of winter wheat, and the smell of damp earth. I went to the flats and experienced all of the above before watching the sun rise under a little dome of rippled clouds over the Highwood Mountains. Breathtaking. Topping it all off was a setting one-day-away-from-full moon in the western sky. Tomorrow could be even better.

It was 33 when I started, dead calm. It's 39 now, but there was a pocket on the southwest-facing slope down to the flats where it must have been more like 25. That's where the frost lay, as well. Four deer, a dozen magpies, a couple of rabbits, and audible meadowlarks and pheasants were the wildlife highlights today.

If I get an early start tomorrow (depends on tonight), I might drive to the river and do the whole run down there. Should be in full song-and-bloom right about now.

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