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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sunrise in the flats

I thought about taking the camera today, but decided against it. Too bad. The sunrise was nice, but the light on the flats was spectacular, especially with the almost half-moon hanging over it. Perfectly clear, and cool — about 34 in town, but that cold spot in the shadow on the north slope was much colder again, probably 25.

The oddest thing today was that two other people were running on the road out there. In all the years I've run to the flats, this is the first time I've seen another runner out there, morning or daytime, and there were two, seemingly unrelated. One was a woman with a dog, and the other I couldn't identify because he/she was on the other side of the flats.

When I got to the gate, I went west to the cliffs below Whispering Ridge, then came back to the road and went a quarter-mile out into the flats on it before returning via my usual uphill route.

I heard pheasants, saw larks and magpies, and a rabbit. Altogether a nice morning. Maybe tomorrow I'll take the camera again. The long shadow would have worked well today.

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