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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sunrise run

First outing since Helena, and it was a pretty morning trot to the end of the pavement behind Malmstrom. I took the camera in hopes of one of those spectacular sunrises, but it was fairly ordinary today (the air's too crystal clear).

I couldn't help but document the coal-fired plant that already exists here in River City, the heating plant for the base. I've no idea what kind of mercury, etc., it puts up, but it isn't small, as you can see.

I felt very good; I'll probably enter the Ice Breaker, which as a five-miler this weekend here in Great Falls. Julia might run the 3 with me, so I'd get in 8 miles on Sunday.

Today, it's 28 degrees and a SW breeze, so a little chilly on the return trip.

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Posted by Mose, 6:39 AM


Hey!! Thanks for the photo's!! Beautiful!! I will be running the 5.0 mile at the Ice Breaker this coming Sunday!
Blogger Julie, at 8:05 AM  

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