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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Building an ark

Skipped Saturday to do some work, some shopping, some dinner and a movie (DaVinci Code), and besides that, it rained for about 36 straight hours. I have nothing against running in the rain, as today's run will attest, but it gave me one more reason to rest.

Today, after a record (for the date) 1.4 inches of precip yesterday, I set out on a long loop from my house — to 38th, down to the Giant Springs Road and the River's Edge Trail, on the trail all the way east past the springs and the overlooks, and back by way of the old back gate to Malmstrom and the rail line that serves the coal line there.

I figure it's a total of 9 miles, give or take a few tenths. It was misty at first, turning to fairly hard (and windy) rain, at my back mostly, when I hit the trail. I had to shed my glasses into the wind (leaving me legally blind), and was soaked to the bone by the time I got home. Wore shorts, t-shirt (dri-fit) and a wind shell that is not water resistant. Felt OK, though, except for a little more of my old foot problem than I care to admit. (I've decided it's a foot variation of carpal tunnel ... inflamed nerves in the balls of my feet. Advil or somesuch usually help, but I didn't do any today.)

Anyway, it's cool (45 or so) and I'm sure it's snowing in the mountains. Don't know what I'll do tomorrow. Have to work a little, but mostly I'll relax, then go to Nora's commencement ceremonies.

9; 25-1/2; 93-1/2; 576

p.s. I liked the movie; not great but entertaining.
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