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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Easing back ... with pictures

I took my legs, or more accurately my lungs, on a test drive this morning, and they passed. I drove to GS Waterworks and bushwacked downhill to the River's Edge Trail about a quarter mile east of the old smelter works, then ran the trail to the East Coulee Tunnel, down to the riverside trail and all the way to the little overlook they've fashioned about half a mile west of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.

I didn't feel exactly strong, but neither did I feel bad, and my lungs worked fine. The pictures below are the long shadow descending East Coulee, a flying pelican (not much of a shot — he wasn't very close), and the goslings, which appeared during my absence last week. They were in the river right next to Giant Springs. I went back up from there to the trail and back to my car.

It was uneventful, and I'll liberally call it five miles. It's a gorgeous day, and the forecast is for at least 10 more of them through the heart of May. It was about 55 when I ran; it's in the 60s now, headed to low 70s, I think. I mowed my lawn after the run (long overdue), then mowed C's and also rototilled the garden over there. It's still a bit early for tomatoes, but I can get peas and such into the ground soon.

5; 8-1/2; 13; 495-1/2
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I sure wish we would get some decent running weather here. Nothing but rain here in Michigan for days now. :(
Blogger Lisa, at 4:38 PM  

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