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Monday, May 15, 2006

Flats by moonlight

Awoke early (birds birds everywhere), and ran by the light of the almost-full moon to the flats. I'm still a little stiff, mostly from the rototilling, etc., on Saturday, but it felt good to move.

Someone or -thing was stirring on the far side of the flats, because as happened once during the winter, in pitch darkness with a lamp on my head, a bright light came on and went off a few times. I'm thinking it's someone operating some of the backloader-type machinery over there, but I'm not sure. the mid-flats gate was open.

The oddest thing today was the temperature. It was in the 50s when I left the house, and by the time I got to the south-facing slope onto the flats, it was in the high 30s. The NOAA sites confirm that it did dip, though not as dramatically as what I encountered (51 to 43, officially, but that's up on Gore Hill). The moon was beautiful, and the sunrise will be nice (it's still a while away, so early did I run).

Saw three deer, a rabbit and some kind of big bird, probably an owl, in the trees on the way down. Pheasants were crowing all over the flats, and meadowlarks were noisy.

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