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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good start

I took a day off (Monday) to recover from the long one in the mountains — even though I felt good. It just seemed prudent. Today, I took a direct route to GFH. It's still uncharacteristically warm (60 at sunrise), though this time it's clear that the reason is a fairly heavy overcast (held in the heat from yesterday's almost 90 degrees). I got water at C's house, then returned by the same, rather boring route.

Lots of people were about, even though it wasn't late (5:30). Several runners (all women), half dozen dog walkers, a bicyclist and many pickup trucks (is some big construction job starting?).

Felt very good, though slightly tired. No stiffness or joint pain, in spite of Sunday's 17 miles with probably 4,000-5,000 feet of vertical change (see pictures below). C's middle daughter had been "kidnapped" at 5 a.m. by Delphian Choir group (from GFH), dressed up like a fairy and spirited off to breakfast. I guess this passes as hazing these days: Give them food. When I was that age ... never mind.

I just heard an NPR story about how daily exercise, among other things, can hold off dementia, including from Alzheimer's. Yet another reason to keep up this fun. One wonders how wacky I'd be if I didn't run 25-40 miles a week. Go get your exercise!

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