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Friday, June 23, 2006

Late but fine

I started the morning lazy, reading the paper and drinking coffee, but then I realized I wouldn't get another chance to run today (I had been thinking that I could run after a meeting this morning, but then figured out that it wouldn't work), so out I went.

I'm still listening to Dune, and I'm enjoying it, by the way. The lady Jessica and Paul are wandering in the sand right now. I wandered across the fox field, then west all the way to 38th on 2nd and 3rd North, then back on 4th to Heren Park. Went around that, through Portage Meadows, then onto the soccer fields (newly mowed) and circumnavigated the west, north and east borders of it, plopping out onto 57th and back.

It's gorgeous again, high 40s, mostly calm and sunny. It'll make about 80 today. Nora and I and maybe C will head to Lincoln, either tonight or tomorrow. I'll try to get a long mountain run in, probably Sunday.

5-1/2; 18; 62-1/2; 651-1/2
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