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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A little break

Got back on the streets today after a long weekend of rain and lawn maintenance, at my house, at C's house and at the cabin (that's the big job — an acre of grasses among trees and rocks. It was all vigorous activity, but probably doesn't count as "running."

Today, I did a water tower route with an extension out to about 18th Ave S, where I looked down on the flats from the west, which I hadn't done in years. If it hadn't been raining in the past few days, I would have gone down there and returned by my usual flats route, but it was surely muddy today. It was a pleasant route, however.

It's a nice day; cool (48 at the beginning) and breezy from the west-southwest. I felt very good and, had I not started a little late, could have gone farther. I'm going to have to extend a bit the next week and a half to make my hundred.

6-1/2; 6-1/2; 51; 640
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