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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Recovery in the flats, with pictures

After a couple of odd physical quirks on Sunday after the race, I skipped Monday to let myself recover. I won't go overlong into the quirks, but they revolved around a kind of nerve pain in the lower right leg. While very bothersome, it was of a sort that I was sure would go away, and it did, after a good night's sleep Sunday night.

Just as a thunderstorm was hitting Sunday afternoon, Nora and I visited a nursery and got a bunch of plants (mostly vegetables) to put in, but it was too wet after the rain. I'll attend to that this morning, since I'll work late tonight (primary election).

I ran to the flats and went all the way to the cattle guard. It was beautiful out — 53 degrees, a breeze out of the north (!), and mostly clear. The birds are in full throat, and I saw a goldfinch up close. I saw a rabbit, and just now plucked a tick off my leg (yuck).

It was otherwise uneventful. I'm listening to Dune while running now, and reading book 3 of Cornwell's Civil War (Starbuck) series at night. Both are pretty good.

The pictures are the usual on the flats, and one of me at the finish line of the Governor's Cup.

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