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Monday, July 24, 2006


And that ain't a pirate grunt. It was miserably hot last night — in the 80s or even 90s pre-midnight, and because the house was shut, it was about 110 inside. It's 62 out now, and the fans are trying to cool the place off, but it's not working very well.

I'm afraid we're descending into forest fire hell, too. All that foliage from the late snowpack and spring rains makes great tinder when cooked on multiple 90-degree and even 100-degree days, with wind. So far there have been just a few in our neck of the woods (though more than a quarter of a million acres of prairie and pine have burned southeast of Billings).

On the bright side, Nora and I picked more than a quart of huckleberries in less than half an hour Sunday morning (we know a good spot). And we had a nice stroll up Alice Creek, though some would-be rancher has pretty much fenced it all off. I did catch a few cutthroat, one not bad size.

Today I ran to C's house and put water on the garden. I'll shut it off on my way to work in an hour or so. My legs were a little tired, probably because of the unusual exercise of wading three miles in a mountain stream.
Cooling down is proving time-consuming.

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Sleep in the basement!
Note your trips up Mount Helena. I have been repeating Sentinel of late.
Great Glacier trip last week. Finally got Heaven's Peak. Traversed it south to north and back down east face.

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