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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nice recovery

A pleasant morning for a longish run, so I went to GFH by way of 10th Avenue and 17th Street, said good morning to C, who gave me a glass of water, and returned directly.

It rained last night, so I couldn't do the flats (mud) or some of the other routes I've been doing lately, sticking instead to the streets. I felt good, though I was ready to be done when I finished. It was just two days ago that I went 18 in the mountains, after all.

The morning is, as usual, beautiful: 60 degrees, calm and partly cloudy. The sun rose shortly after I began. I could have photographed another tall guy, but I didn't have the camera. My intention after work last night had been to do some gardening, but the rain prevented it. I need to do that soon, or it'll be out of control.

Had a nice exchange of e-mails this morning with my friend Carlo in Italy, excited about the World Cup. I'll probably have to listen to it on XM again rather than watch (no TV in Lincoln).

7-1/2; 25-1/2; 25-1/2; 717-1/2
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