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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dark and wet

Still a bit stiff from Saturday's fishing blunders, but I loosened up after half a mile or so and felt pretty good. I think my feet got slightly bruised by the long trudge wearing just the waders. I remember noticing toward the end how hard and lumpy the ground seemed.

Anyway, today I did a routine cemetery route, except in reverse the usual direction. It's coolish, maybe low 40s most of the time, and that's exacerbated by a stiff wind out of the southwest. The stretch to the cemetery, out in the open east of the Catholic high school, was chilly.

The cemetery must be getting ready for winter by soaking the bejabbers out of the place. The center road was a lake, and others had puddles. I managed to avoid soaking my feet, but in the darkness I'm not sure how I did it.

Crossed paths with one other runner, a man headed east on 8th or 9th Ave S on my way out (on 29th St).

5-1/2; 9-1/2; 94; 1131
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