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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling good

I'm fighting a little lung congestion, but it doesn't feel like a cold. We'll see — Julia has one. In any case, I went an easy 6 today and felt as good as I've felt running in some time (I've also been suffering what I call Tin Man syndrome — kind of rusty and stiff, probably the result of my fishing adventures).

The route was kind of a flat loop: north and mostly east to 52nd near the soccer fields, then south and mostly east back to 2nd Ave S and home. Simple and boring. Got a slightly later start today because I got focused on some work before the run and before I knew it it was almost 5:30. It's chilly today — high 30s with little wind. I wore gloves about half way, and a fleece headband/earmuff thing that obviated the need for a towel.

Beautiful fingernail moon and many stars. I was later than the FedEx plane today, but did have a couple of streetlights go out overhead. Made my monthly hundred, anyway.

I also saw quite a few people — paper carrier on 4th Ave N., as well as a couple talking outside two running vehicles and no fewer than three people walking dogs. Lots of lights on in the houses and apartments east of 38th Street.

6; 15-1/2; 100; 1137
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