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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeling less good

I was right that I'm catching Julia's cold. That would explain my recent need for naps and the increase in asthma-related symptoms, despite using the inhaler. Today, I got up despite misgivings, for one more shot. I ran short, just to see, and it was a good decision (the "short" part). Went east and north to Central and 32nd St, then wound a round a bit and returned home.

It's nice out — 47 and calm with a nice fingernail moon — and I saw a couple of people out walking dogs.

Running part felt good, but I felt too hot and the lungs were not functioning properly. May take a break for a few days to let this pass.

2-1/2; 18; 102-1/2; 1139-1/2
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