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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pretty good ... pret..ty...good

... to quote Larry David. I laid relatively low for the weekend, sleeping a little more and attending to domestic chores, including making and canning 8 quarts of applesauce and 5 of salsa verde — made with seven pounds of homegrown tomatilloes and a fistful of dangerously hot homegrown Thai peppers. It's the best I ever made.

Today, I awoke at the usual and, feeling pretty good, ran the regular, non-extended cemetery route, in the regular west to east direction. Once again the center lane was an obstacle course of mis-aimed sprinklers and hard-to-see puddles. And once again I navigated it without soaking my feet.

Doing so was harder than usual, because there's no moon. Clear as a bell, but dark. Now we're back to the situation in which the lights from 10th Ave S, or from any other overlit center of activity, is blinding until you get into the glow yourself. Time to dig out the headlamp.

I felt remarkably good; the cold that was afflicting me last week seems aimed at my sinuses now, so I'll treat it aggressively and see if I can't get past it without a lung infection.

No other runners or walkers today. A few people stirring toward, presumably, work.

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