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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And again

Another extended cemetery run, only I extended it on the east end instead of the west. About as uneventful as it could be. No lights went out, and no other runners. Actually spoke to a man getting into his car near the east end; said good morning to one of C's colleagues as I passed the school; and there was quite a bit of traffic, but otherwise nothing of interest.

It's breezy, and seems to be at least partly from the southeast, which is a bit unusual. Temp is in the mid-40s.

A major cold front is said to be coming tomorrow night, with frost expected even tonight, so I harvested most of the rest of my garden last night — about 20 turning tomatoes, 4 pounds of tomatilloes and a dozen assorted peppers. I'll pick and process the basil tonight. The other, perennial herbs are hardier.

7; 20-1/2; 40-1/2; 1185-1/2
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