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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dark river

It's warmer today — 54 at the outset — so I went over to 15th and to the river at the cabooses, on the trail to GS Road, up and in the ditch to 38th and home. Too dark for the golf course.

Felt good, but I did walk for five minutes near Black Eagle Dam, just because it was so beautiful down there. I saw two reflector-vested runners about two blocks from home at the start, then no one else. Not even many cars this morning.

Now I'm eating my summertime breakfast: sliced tomatoes on toast with melted cheddar, a glass of C-boosted OJ and a banana.

I'm in good shape at work, but have so many meetings with politicians, etc., that I can't break away for an extra day right now. Probably won't let up unless I can aggregate a bunch of them in Helena in a week or so. That's my mission today.

Felt good, if a tiny bit tired.

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