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Thursday, October 09, 2008

First frost

The forecast was accurate: It froze last night, probably a low around 25. It's hard to say what it was here when I ran — the airport showed 24 and Malmstrom 34. Probably somewhere in between. The sprinklers at C's school had been on and there was ice on the sidewalks and grass.

This is, to me, just about ideal weather for running. Less so the next few days as there is snow in the forecast every day starting tonight — not a lot of accumulation, chances of light snow, then rain, then snow, etc.

Fortunately I got my basil (what remained of it) and the green tomatoes out last night. The rest of my herbs are hardy so should be OK for now (chives, oregano, tarragon, thyme, dillweed). I'll look it all over when I leave for work in a while.

I ran about the same as yesterday without the extension on the east end, which should mean about a mile shorter. There were few people about. I saw someone coming toward me on 29th just south of 10th Ave S, but he vanished into an alley behind the drive-thru bank before I got to him. Saw two women running about three blocks from home.

Felt very good, and am having a good week. I'll be in town for the weekend, so maybe I'll go by the river if it's not wet.

6; 26-1/2; 46-1/2; 1191-1/2
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