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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting darker

The waning moon is little help again, and the deepening darkness at the time I run means that if I don't lay my hands on my headlamps soon, I shall have to buy another. It should improve a bit next week when we switch out of daylight-saving time, but it'll still be very dark.

I did a moderately extended cemetery route today, going through the UGF campus to the Social Security office (and future site of Homeland Security, I see), across behind Centene and through the cemetery.

I met two women (I think...they were much more heavily clothed than I and no one spoke) running the opposite direction as I went south toward 10th Ave S at the start of my run. They were wearing reflector vests, too. Saw a few others going to their cars for work, presumably, but otherwise traffic was light.

Also started a new book today, the fourth Jasper Fforde, Something Rotten. I finished the Well of Lost Plots yesterday. I recommend them highly if you like funny, literary satire.

6; 16; 97-1/2; 1232-1/2
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