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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long to Ryan Dam, with pics

Tall man says a chilly howdy from a coulee on the south shore of the Missouri River a few miles east of the Rainbow Falls overlook and trailhead. Gorgeous day, chilly and sunny. Rare.

The trail above Cochrane Dam is interesting, dipping down the cliffs and weaving around and up and down through the junipers.

The Cochrane reservoir, with a slumped cliff, complete with makeshift footbridge, in the foreground. Dig that blue!

A picturesque barrier that rises from the river southward in the vicinity of Cochrane Dam. It's been this way for at least a couple of years, because I photographed it once before and it's been a while since I was out this far.

This is Crooked, or Horseshoe, falls, the only undammed waterfall of any consequence on the Missouri River. You can see, there's not much water moving on the river.

This is from last weekend, the Sheffels coulee below the dam, in cool light.

After the days from Hell, workwise, I relaxed with football and phone conversations Saturday evening, then woke up late Sunday and headed to the river.

A weird cold front came through around 8 last night, with strong north winds and a temp range from 22 to 39, which was the situation today. The wind had died down, but it was still chilly, despite the clear skies. Classic crisp autumn day, I guess. No moisture in the front.

I went to the Rainbow overlooks and headed east on the trail. Saw little of interest other than great beauty, lots of deer tracks, an osprey and lots of geese. I met a mountain biker out in sight of Ryan Dam, but he wasn't particularly friendly (grunt at my "g'morning", but I guess it reinforces my observation over the years that I've never seen a distance bicyclist who looked like he/she was enjoying him/herself.

Anyway, I ran out my iPod battery, which isn't real encouraging. My knees feel the stress, but the rest of me is in pretty good shape. Enjoy the pics.

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