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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Round the 'hood

Another truncated entry, because I'm rushing to get to work. Our Internet was down for a while this morning, which pretty well ruled out Plan A, which was to do some work at home instead of running. It's a busy week. So, Plan B was a nice run east and north, out to Portage Meadows and south through the apartment complex, around East Middle School, and back via 4th South, etc.

It was cooler than the temp indicated (NOAA had it 41 at the airport and 50 at Malmstrom). Maybe it was the breeze. In any case, I met dog walkers today, one who reminded me of C's Marine pal John from the coffee shop (could have been actually ... he was wearing a military cap), but it was too dark and I was going too fast (he he) to tell. Then met two women walking a dog out around East. I think I've crossed paths with them before.

Otherwise it was uneventful. Left a note for C and came home to my usual breakfast: garden tomatoes on toast with melted cheese. Probably have about 10 more of those before I run out of tomatoes. Canned a bunch more over the weekend (salsa).

Gave a couple of jars of salsa to Ryan, Mattie's husband (Bruce & Joan's son-in-law)who's in town for a couple of days on pharmacy business. We went to dinner last night, and he'll come over for C's enchiladas tonight. Yum.

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