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Friday, October 31, 2008

Strange morning

It is a rare, windless morning with little currents of cold air snaking around in a mass of still warm air. The NOAA says it's 46, but my body thermometer on this run says it ranged, frequently, from the high 50s to the mid-30s. As proof, at 46 I could run in a single t-shirt, no gloves or head band and be comfortable; today I wore a double-layer shirt, gloves, and headband, and I still was chilly in places.

The other odd thing about the stillness is the smells. I've noticed this a few times before on walks and bike rides with Nora, but rarely while running: Great Falls actually has many smells, not all of them pleasant. I caught whiffs of sewer, cooking, refinery, specialty grain roasters, garbage, dirt, gasoline, exhaust and grasses. Usually, because the wind almost always is blowing, the air has a fresh smell.

One light came on as I passed beneath it today en route to the regular extended cemetery route. The morning is moonless, but the stars were plentiful. I felt good, and the dirt parts of the run were flat enough to negotiate in the darkness without any ankle turns.

Saw no one until near the end when a guy appeared to be loading his truck to go hunting. I skipped yesterday to work and to meet the engineers core drilling beneath our basement. Still, it's the end of a pretty fair month of running. If I pick up the pace, I could make 1,600 for the year.

6-1/2; 12; 123-1/2; 1258-1/2
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