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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a moon!

I knew it was about full, but it's been cloudy for four or five days/nights, so we've caught only hints of it. This morning, it was out in all its glory. I would have gone to the cemetery, but the recently melted snow would have made a couple of parts of that route muddy, if not impassable.

Instead, I slogged east and south to the east side Howard's Pizza, then wound around behind East Middle School and through the big apartment complex to the North Side, where I followed the Bike Route back west to 29th. Dropped a note at the school and came home. Just a simple loop in the warm wind, a little short because I have to leave for Helena in half an hour.

It's nice out — low 50s and mostly clear, with a pretty strong south wind. I felt fine, considering a night of being awakened on the hour by coming and going cats.

Saw three other runners, two together and one alone, as well as several dog walkers and paper carriers. Lots of activity for that hour.

5; 5; 51-1/2; 1196-1/12
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