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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ah routine

After spending the morning Sunday sorting, organizing, copying and faxing medical records to the company that handles our health spending account, I was no longer in the mood to run. Julia and I went to the store and got ingredients for a meal she and C had decided to fix: lemon chicken with risotto. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon detailing the insides of our cars. Mine in particular had gotten kind of bad — I think it'd been a year since I'd done such a thing.

Anyway, a peaceful Sunday. Today, I ran in the fog on a reverse extended cemetery route. My Nano made it all the way, but I think I may have a new battery in my not-too-distant future. I saw no one except a guy going to work. Not much traffic either. Maybe the fog keeps people indoors.

Also was kind of chilly — 30 according to the NOAA. Today's oddity was that moisture condensed on the hairs on my legs, and it froze. I only noticed it as it kind of jiggled as I ran. Never experienced that before, but then usually when it's below freezing I'm wearing tights.

The fog had a town-glow to it, so that finding my way was easy, even in the dark cemetery. I also could see a little bit of moon glow (it's still more than half full).

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