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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day run

In years gone by I've run at noon from the office or gym to the polling place, but I voted early this year via permanent absentee, so so much for that. Instead, I did the more boring routine cemetery run in a moonless morning.

The low clouds reflected the town's light, however, so visibility was very good. Other than that, nothing unusual was afoot. The UGF sports teams — men and women, but I don't know if BB or VB — already were at the McLaughlin Center, which I guess is slightly unusual, but I'm often a little earlier than today (5:30 or so on campus).

Anyway, I'll take tomorrow off for the post-election hustle, plus travel time to Nebraska. I'll probably resume Thursday running around Lincoln, Neb.

By this time tomorrow, we'll have a new president-elect, barring another 2000 debacle in which it was December before we learned who "won."

5-1/2; 11; 16-1/2; 1275
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