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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nice Lincoln park circuit

We drove to the middle of Lincoln's "Wilderness Park," which is basically a thick windbreak of sycamore, elm, oak and ash trees around what I think is Antelope Creek on the southwest corner of Lincoln.

We circumnavigated the park, including crossing the road that bisects it, then headed west along "Park Blvd" which petered out when it hit Highway 77 toward Crete. We crossed that, genuflected at a strip club (not open for the day yet) and tried to find Pioneers Park. Instead, we wound up wandering the fairly nice grounds of the Nebraska Department of Corrections' pre-release center. We wandered there for a couple of miles, crossing a couple of small corn fields bordered by trees, before dead-ending, still not in sight of Pioneers.

We bushwacked across 77 and on the bisecting road back to Wilderness Park, then took the long way around it back to the car.

Didn't see anyone else in there, though a couple of cars were parked at the trailhead when we finished. It was chilly -- 32 degrees and east wind of 10-20 mph -- and started spitting rain right at the end. We felt good.

Drove then over to Pioneers just to see where it was. Figured out that a trail called "Bison Trail" would have been the way to go, though it is a mile or two from Wilderness. Looked like a great place to run, and I know Pioneers is good (trails and lots of hills).

This afternoon we go to Omaha, where we'll probably run somewhere in the morning.

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