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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Running around Lincoln, Neb.

After traveling the day after the election to Lincoln, Neb., I decompressed a few days, picked up Swi in Omaha and had a full Saturday: up early, drive from Grand Island to Lincoln, meet up with several friends, go to freezing Nebraska-Kansas game (NU won!), eat, got to Eddie Clearwater, an old Chicago bluesman, at the Zoo Bar till midnight, go to bed.

Today, however, we did a "everywhere mose has lived" run around Lincoln. Leaving off my grandparents' old house near the east campus, the whole thing (dorms and all) was covered in less than 7 miles, which surprises me a little. And the grandparents' old house would have added just a couple of miles. But I can't go there without going around on the east campus, which used to be the ag campus. It still is, but many other things (law, dentistry to name 2) have moved out here.

It's chilly (23 when we started; about 32 when we finished), but sunny. The campus looks good. We saw many other people (it wasn't early -- 9:30 or so), but not a single runner. I didn't take the camera there. Maybe I'll stick up a few pics from the football game when I get home.

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