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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Behind the front

Now that the wind and snow are past, we're left with clear skies and a temp as I ran today of minus 1. I still was comfortable, except for a slight chill on the chin as I went into the very slight breeze. I felt it mostly as I was southbound next to vacant fields south of Sunnyside School.

Amazingly, as I was eastbound in the general vicinity of the Social Security building, I took off a glove because my downwind hand was warm. It cooled off quickly, needless to say.

A couple of lights went out, and one went on as I passed. Probably the oddest thing to me (aside from my Nano dying after just half an hour) was that I didn't meet or have to wait for a single vehicle on the whole 7-mile run, until the very last intersection before getting home. There I had to slow to let a minivan go through the intersection.

As you can see, I'm getting my running thrills from flickering street lights and traffic density comparisons. That's why I prefer running in the wilds, where at least the scenery keeps me interested. And it's why I listen to books while running. Unfortunately I'm going to have to send my iPod off to get the battery replaced, I think. I'll try "resetting" it, but I can't see how that'd affect battery life.

The forecast is weird through the weekend — highs in the 40s and even 50s one day, but snow scattered throughout. How can that be? Squalls? We'll see.

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