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Monday, December 22, 2008

Indoor sweat

It was snowing fairly hard this morning, not to mention cold (zero, give or take 5 degrees), so I went to the gym and did a mixed bag of running:

2 miles around the gym (until boredom overtook me);
2 miles on a treadmill (same overtaking); and
1 mile on an eliptical, with hard work featured.

It was all boring, but I was kind of tired to start. We went to bed early, and I was even more generous than usual in the get-up-to-let-in-or-out-a-cat department. We usually split that more or less evenly just because we're both so nice. The cats have been a little more obnoxious about it than usual, inasmuch as it's 5-30 below zero, snowy and long nights. The stupid gatti (we have 3) sleep all day, when people are around to attend to their every need. Then they prowl, howl and pester all night while the two or three humans in the house are trying to sleep. I think it's the perverse nature of cats, but it's also the extreme cold weather.

Anyway, I felt fine, but didn't push it today.

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