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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interesting morning

Had another string of lights, three this time, go out on me today, just up the street about 3 blocks as I returned. Weird.

Today I just wandered the neighborhoods to the east, because we're in one of those 'tweener patterns: 20-30 mph wind, 39 degrees, with ice all over the roads. Because of the temp, the ice is slicker than greased owl poop. I didn't wear the YakTrax because there's also a lot of bare pavement, and that tends to wear them out. I made it to 46th on the south side, then crossed at the end of Central to the north side and came back into the wind on 4th and 5th avenues north.

Met a couple of pedestrians and one person riding an adult tricycle with a flashing headlight. I think it's the same kind of light as my new headlamp. It has a flash mode, too, and I'll admit it's highly visible. I could see that one from 4 or 5 blocks off.

Had a bit of the Tin Man feel today; still recovering from the afternoon splitting wood and toting heavy Christmas trees, I'm guessing. Got better as I proceeded.

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