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Friday, December 12, 2008

The river, so this must be ...

... Friday. I repeated last Friday's trip to the river at the cabooses, then River's Edge Trail to Giant Springs Road, then up to 38th and home — a big 6-1/2-mile circle.

It may be my last chance to run outside for a while. Today it is 35-40 degrees with a strong southwest wind (I didn't notice it until turning into it on top of the Giant Springs hill); tonight it snows and the high tomorrow, through the snow, is expected to be 14. Then it'll go below zero, not to return to the plus side until next Tuesday at the earliest. High Sunday will be minus 10, and the low that night minus 29! The gym will be crowded.

I felt pretty good today; got an early (4:45) start so will have a little time to work this morning before going to work (that sounds odd, doesn't it).

Will watch the Grizzlies on TV tonight, in the semifinals of the FCS division in football.

6-1/2; 25; 51-1/2; 1379
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