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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the tall man

A tall man says merry Christmas from Tailrace Island in the heart of Great Falls, Montana. I ran here from home shortly after noon on this Christmas Day.

The effects of 3 weeks of zero temperatures or below are striking on waterfalls. This is Black Eagle Falls, the uppermost of the five Great Falls here.

Come to think of it, one tall man shadow on snow looks pretty much like another tall man shadow on snow, but hey, maybe this one's a little more hunched over.

It was our first day above freezing in almost four weeks, and I thought I'd use the occasion (and the fact that it was Christmas) to go from home, across the river and down to the iced-up dam. I made it, but the going was heavy in spots.

I wore YakTrax, and they were great on most of the streets. The problem was the chemically altered snow on the paths over the river on the 15th Street Bridge. It was probably 4 inches deep, and the consistency of mashed potatoes. The only thing worse would have been trying to ski on the stuff. It's chocolate brown and slick as hell. I went very slow and made it, but not without a slip or two — and this was on the bridge walkways. I tried for a minute to run in the margins of the pavement, but it was too close to the traffic, light though the traffic was.

Anyway, the holiday morning was nice, and the evening promises to be even nicer (what with a gorgeous-looking 8-pound prime rib in the oven). Nora's here, and we'll open a few more presents tonight before dinner.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, with another to come.

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