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Monday, December 08, 2008

Surprise surprise!

We awoke to about 2 inches of snow — and more falling — this morning, which was a surprise, considering that it was about 45 degrees when we went to bed. After cleaning the walks and starting C's car, I strapped on the YakTrax and did a full extended cemetery route.

I felt a little tired, probably from having split firewood for two hours last night (including one hunk of wood falling on my toes, which was unnoticeable this morning until I put on the Merell shoes that are a little stiff, at least compared to my usuals; then the toes hurt a little).

I wound up putting my glasses in my pocket (fogging) as I went south with the wind. When I turned into the wind (returning toward town from the cemetery), it was brutal. Temp in the high teens with a 10 mph north wind in my face. My chin's still cold.

No one else was out, needless to say, and one whole section of streetlights — four at least — near MSU-COT went out at once as I passed. It was startling.

Got our tree and outside lights up. C will work on the tree and living room for the next few days. Nora will be first home from school, on the 16th (Tuesday). Caitie comes along the 19th, and Hannah the 20th.

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