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Friday, December 05, 2008

Weather roller coaster

The temperature this morning was in the low 30-degree range, but accompanied as it was by a wind gusting to 40 mph, it was less pleasant running today than yesterday, when the actual temp was below zero.

I think the forecast is for this same kind of unsettled stuff, some snow, some rain, lots of wind and some warm (40s) temperatures. More like autumn than early winter.

I revived an old route today, going straight north on 19th and 18th, across the tracks behind the scrap yard and between grain elevators, past the dental office to the cabooses. I went on the River's Edge Trail eastward to Giant Springs Road, then up the hill and around the ball fields to 38th, and home. I used the headlamp in the cross-RR bushwack and on remote stretches of the trail.

I felt physically as good as I've felt in a long time. Maybe the cold/sinus crud that's been lingering in background finally is subsiding. That wind was cold, though. Clears the sinuses.

6-1/2; 26-1/2; 26-1/2; 1354
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