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Monday, December 01, 2008

What a wind

I did a reverse extended cemetery route, not certain how I would feel (I was a little sore yesterday, and had a bit of a sore throat). After I got going, I was fine.

Today's oddities: Warm, at 49-50 degrees, overcast and incredibly windy. The NWS says gusts reached 37; there was one as I went through the cemetery itself that felt more like 50-60 to me — almost knocked me over.

I finished Something Rotten this morning, so have only First Among Sequels to go in the Thursday Next series. Very much fun. And this one had a happy ending.

Saw no other people on this run, and no lights went out. I'm still eating garden tomatoes for breakfast. I can't believe how well the little Romas keep. I'll probably finish them off this week, but still, the first week of December's pretty amazing, especially considering I did nothing special by way of storing them ... just on the window sill in the kitchen.

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