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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wimped out

I did run today, but not outdoors. It was a balmy 1 degree, and while that's not below my tolerance, I opted to go inside, mostly because of time. It wasn't too bad:

I did three miles in the gym (51 laps), and did my usual 9:15 miles I think. I finally got so bored, even listening to my book, that I went upstairs and did 2.5 on a new computer-crazy eliptical. It has an iPod connection, among other things, so I'll try that tomorrow (it's getting colder — 8 below right now, at 9 p.m.).

I also did a truncated (four basic) Cybex routine, and so far (in that night), I'm not feeling too much effect. Maybe all that ax work last week had a beneficial effect (besides the firewood).

I figure I'll go to the inside routine for a few days until the weather warms, probably early next week.

5.5; 5.5; 57; 1384.5
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