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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back on the trail

A tall man says howdy to a bunch of Canada geese snoozing on the ice below the River's Edge Trail footbridge over the Missouri.

These guys were hanging out on the trail itself, and spooked as I trotted, wheezing, toward them.

They usually hang out on the edges of the ice, where they can swim or sleep, but generally safe from predators.

We've got a run of nice weather coming — NOAA says in the 50s for the next week, maybe even 60s, so I'm going to get back into it. I got a clean bill of health from a CT scan during the week; didn't really expect anything, but I've been having a persistent pain in the neck that my doctor couldn't identify. It's subsided a bit, so now I'm thinking maybe just some weird virus. A co-worker suggests stress, and that, too, is possible ... we've been having layoffs, now mandatory one-week furloughs for everyone.

Anyway, I drove to the parking lot near the new dog park, got on the trail, and did a big loop, including the West Bank near the new federal courthouse (still under construction.

I felt fine, except that asthma bugged me despite using albuterol before heading out. I would have gone farther, but that's a problem when you can't breathe.

I'll keep treating it; it's possible that's related to the neck stuff that's kept me off the streets (along with mountains of snow and cold weather) for the past couple of weeks. I DO need to get back into the routine. There's still even a chance for 100 this month if I step it up a bit.

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