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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back outside

It's warmer today (28) and not too windy, so I strapped on the YakTrax and took to the streets for the first time since my icy sojourn to Tailrace Island on Christmas Day.

It wasn't too bad ... the rutted snow means you have to watch your footing carefully. The YakTrax, which are kind of like tire chains for your shoes, keep it from being treacherous, but the sledding still is pretty heavy. Some places, probably where traffic is lighter, are like running in soft sand.

I felt pretty good; a little stiff in the thighs, probably from the eliptical. I went east from the house, veered over to 4th Ave S and continued to the street that goes by the new Catholic church — 44th I think. I took that down to Central, followed that out to 46th and then north to 4th Ave N, which I took to 52nd Street. Stayed on 4th back into town, then meandered back home.

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